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6 Virtual Vacation Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained

July 27, 2021

Scrap any idea of a traditional summer vacation you had; this year is a bit different. This year, only 7% of families polled said they were willing to travel internationally for summer 2020 and 72% of them said they’d prefer to drive somewhere.

However, not every state has lifted its stay at home orders. So, you might have to get a bit creative with a summer vacay for the kids. Lucky for you, numerous travel associations, museums, aquariums, and even theme parks have designed virtual tours for little ones to enjoy.

Summer 2020 is always about virtual vacations, and here are six great options for a real stay-cation that are fit for the whole family.

Tour the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Craving a taste of adventure this summer season? “Pack” the family up and virtually jet off to explore the active volcanoes as part of Google Arts & Culture’s “The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks” immersive experience. You’ll be able to receive an audio-guided tour (from an official park ranger) complete with videos, helpful text information, and even 360-degree photo tours. To make the experience more enriching, try watching a fun video or movie beforehand to get the kids excited about the power and significance of volcanoes.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Image: Steve Halama via Unsplash

Escape to Jamaica for a Tropical Taste of Caribbean Life

Who doesn’t want to escape to the Caribbean for a taste of tropical island life right now? After being cooped up inside for months, chances are that your entire family could use a bit of festive fun at the moment. Visit Jamaica has taken to uploading unique virtual activities to its Instagram on a weekly basis. They’ve got everything from dance parties to live cooking classes. Put on some themed music, make a few virgin daiquiris for the family,e and stick your toes in the proverbial sand.

Jamaica for a Tropical Taste of Caribbean Life
Image: Juan Rojas via Unsplash

Immerse Yourself in a Virtual Reality Adventure Across Japan

If you have a VR headset then now is the time to break it out! If you don’t, go ahead and invest in one as it’s a great way to enhance any virtual vacation you take with the family this summer. This vacay idea comes straight from the Japan National Tourism Organization. They’ve created a 360-degree virtual reality film that explores the unique traditions and landscapes that personify the entire country of Japan. As an added plus, the interactive vision part of the tour allows your kids to transform themselves into samurais and Maikos.

Adventure Across Japan
Image: Su San Lee via Unsplash

Dive with Giant Manta Rays in Mexico

Another great option for those using a virtual reality headset, plan a remote diving experience with giant Mexican manta rays. The tour is part of BBC Earth’s “Our Blue Planet VR” tour called Into the Blue. You’ll hop abroad a small boat before diving down into the deep blue ocean below you. Kids will encounter massive manta rays along with dolphins and other fun aquatic surprises.

Giant Manta Rays in Mexico
Image: Adam Juman via Unsplash

Feel the Magic with a Virtual Tour of Disney World

Even though Disney is beginning to re-open its parks, you might want to hold off on visiting Mickey until it’s totally safe to do so. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pay a virtual visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. The Visit Orlando website has created a virtual tour that allows you to walk through Disney World in a bit of an immersive manner. To further enhance this virtual vacation, turn on a Disney Parks Spotify playlist, make some Disney Parks snacks, and then turn on videos of virtual Disney rides.

Disney World
Image: Travis Gergen via Unsplash

Live Stream SoCal Beach Vibes

Looking for a relaxing stay-cation and nothing more? Numerous beaches across the country are streaming live feeds from their sandy shores. SoCal beaches include the Malibu Beach live cam plus the iconic beach views from the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. If you’d like to travel beyond the waves in Southern California, try checking out other live beach cams around the world and asking your kids which they enjoy the most.

SoCal Beach Vibes
Image: Leo Rivas via Unsplash

Saving for Future Family Vacations

The best part about taking a virtual vacation this summer? They’re free! Take advantage of the lack of summer holiday expenses to really bolster your savings as the economy begins to reopen and recover. 

While you’re saving your money this summer, think about how you can save even more for future family vacations. Instead of simply putting more cash back into your savings account, try paying for expenses with a card that’s optimized specifically to meet your savings goals.

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