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7 Unknown Cheese Facts

July 27, 2021

Americans love cheese, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, the average person consumes 37 pounds of cheese per year according to recent statistics. That’s not the only mind-blowing fact about cheese, though.

This tasty food is perfect for quarantine recipes or even for use alone as the main course of a meal. From halloumi to Havarti and all the way back around to cheddar and mozzarella, there are numerous types of cheeses to enjoy. Learn some cheese slang first, then check out our list of seven unknown (or at least semi unknown) cheese facts.

Cheese Fun Facts You Want to Know

1. Macaroni & Cheese is the Most Popular Cheese Recipe in the US

This comes as no surprise, but macaroni and cheese is the most popular cheese-based recipe in the United States, according to the International Dairy Foods Association. Other popular cheese-based “meals” that Americans love include nachos, grilled cheese, and casseroles. Craving some tasty mac and cheese now? Check out our article on three great ways to make unique macaroni and cheese dishes.

2. There Are Over 2,000 Types of Cheeses

What’s your favorite type of cheese? It’s probably hard to narrow down as there are over 2,000 different types of cheeses that exist around the world. It’s hard to include a full list of every single cheese on this list of cheese facts, but you can search for them on by country of origin, texture, or even the kind of milk used to make it.

3. Denmark Consumes the Most Cheese

When you think of cheese you might think of Wisconsin, or even France or Switzerland. However,  Denmark has the highest level of per capita cheese consumption, followed by Iceland and Finland. Coming in at fourth and fifth were France and Cyprus respectively. How much do the Danish consume? Danish people on average ate 28.1 kilograms of cheese per person. That’s nearly 62 pounds of cheese per year per person. 

4. The World’s Most Expensive Cheese Costs Nearly $600

World's Most Expensive Cheeses - Cheese
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It’s no list of some unknown cheese facts without talking about the world’s most expensive cheese. According to cheese experts, in 2019 the world’s most expensive cheese cost $576 per pound. What kind of cheese costs that much? It’s called Pule, and it’s a crumbly cheese from Serbia. Still, what’s the big deal? They use donkey milk and it takes 25 liters just to make one kilogram of the coveted cheese.

5. Cheese Existed as Far Back as 6,000 BC

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact date when people began to make cheese from milk. However, historians estimate that cheese has been around since at least 6,000 BC. They can see claims and accounts that point to the idea that people living in Mesopotamia at the time used cow and goat’s milk to make cheese.

6. Pizza Hut Uses the Most Cheese

In terms of fast-food chains, Pizza Hut uses the most cheese. Reports show that the large pizza chain uses at least 300 million pounds of cheese each year to produce their popular pizzas. To put that in context for you, according to The Daily Meal, Chuck E. Cheese goes through just 8.5 million pounds of cheese each year.

7. Some Cheeses Are Illegal in the United States

This is one of those cheese facts that’s actually helpful to know, or else you risk running into some legal trouble! Some cheeses are actually illegal in the United States, which means you can’t bring a wheel in on a flight after your next vacation (depending on the cheese). Roquefort and Camembert de Normandie both make the list of forbidden cheeses.

Spending Cheese on Cheese

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