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The 5 Best Series to Watch on YouTube TV

July 27, 2021

What is YouTube TV? It’s Google’s answer to traditional cable or satellite subscriptions. Similar to AT&T TV Now, YouTube TV offers subscribers the chance to enjoy over 85 premium TV channels, including the four major broadcasters (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX). 

With features that include unlimited cloud DVR storage and access to premium channels such as FOX Sports, PBS, and the chance to upgrade to view HBO content, YouTube TV is a great option for those interested in cutting the cord and switching over to this new method of streaming live content. The cost of YouTube TV comes in at $65 per month but offers way more channels than its competitors.

You can view YouTube Originals as long as you have a subscription, making it a cost-effective way to view original content while also enjoying other live channels. Not sure what to watch? Check out our picks for the best series to watch on YouTube TV.

Best Series to Watch on YouTube TV

1. Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai
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Cobra Kai is perhaps one of the most well-known YouTube Original series, making it easily one of the best series to watch on YouTube TV. Based on the Karate Kid films, the series centers around the Cobra Kai dojo where you’ll follow Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence (both played by original actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. It’s a fantastic modern update of an old classic that you’ll love whether you’ve seen the original movies or not.

2. Wayne

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Unfortunately, YouTube only ever produced one season of Wayne. But, the one season that you can watch is full of action and a bit of teenage romance and drama. The series follows Wayne and his crush Del as they set out on a dirtbike to get back a car that was stolen from Wayne’s father before his untimely death. Despite the fact that it sounds like a typical teen romance series, it’s pretty fast-paced and makes for an entertaining ride.

3. Impulse

Impulse | YouTube Originals - YouTube
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Love science fiction? Impulse is one of the best series to watch on YouTube TV for you. The series was developed from the book of the same name by Steven Gould and follows 16-year-old Henrietta Coles, who has the ability to teleport. However, her special gift is not without consequences, which she quickly learns. The show follows the teen as she navigates the repercussions of her first teleportation and learns how to harness her power.

4. Escape the Night

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Joey Graceffa was one of the original YouTubers that made, well, YouTubers popular. Graceffa “hosts” this murder mystery YouTube series, which just so happens to be one of the longest-running YouTube series ever. What makes Escape the Night so popular is the game-like and somewhat escape room nature of the plotline. Graceffa invites guests to a party that transports them back in time. Then, they must escape. If you’re a fan of watching YouTubers gather together on screen, this is a great series for you.

5. Origin

Origin - YouTube
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It’s hard to resist the pull of science fiction TV these days, and Origin is no different. As one of the best series to watch on YouTube TV, Origin is full of science fiction fun and features Tom Felton (of Harry Potter fame) in the lead role. A group of strangers struggles to survive aboard a spaceship and drama ensues. It’s fantastically filmed (at least for a YouTube Original series) and while there’s only one season to enjoy, that means you can binge it in a day or two.

Need to Cancel YouTube TV?

Couldn’t get into any of the YouTube Originals offered on YouTube TV or simply need to cancel YouTube TV for other reasons? No worries. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your YouTube TV account on your device.
  2. Click your profile in the top right corner, then click Settings.
  3. On the Membership tab, choose “Deactivate Membership.”

See, it’s that easy to cancel a YouTube TV subscription. You can still, however, use your YouTube TV account until the end of your current billing period or free trial.

Funding Your YouTube TV Subscription 

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